Turnkey Video Platform

We provide everything you need for successful streaming media and webcasting projects and we make sure it’s a match for, or better than, any similar product or service available anywhere in the world. 
All our services are flexible, reliable and designed to meet your needs. We offer free technical advice and consultancy and make it as easy as possible for you to use streaming media on your website.

Ingest and Encoding

High-quality video keeps viewers engaged and watching longer. Present your media in its best light.

Upload your video content and Video Cloud takes care of the rest with the most advanced encoding technology to deliver high-quality video to any desktop or device.


Cloudtivi securely delivers the highest quality on-demand and live video experiences to reach your audience—no matter where they are. We simplify delivery to an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and standards across the web, mobile and connected TVs.

Mobile Device Management

Cloudtivi Delivery Service lets you upload once to deliver across both desktop browsers and mobile devices.

OnDemand Streaming

The delivery of pre-recorded video over the internet is the fastest growing marketing area in the world today, with the inclusion of On-Demand Video onto websites has now become an integral part of campaign and site delivery.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming can be a complex and confusing process. With over 10 years experience in the internet broadcast industry, Cloudtivi will take you through the stages and processes involved in broadcasting your content to a global online audience.


Set your business policies. Protect your content and make it available to end users so you can grow your business.

We support token based URL, Multiple DRMs and IP Security.

Content Management

More than just an Online Video Platform, Cloudtivi CMS is a content management system that allows you to integrate a full-featured video portal into your Website, Facebook Page, Mobile Site & Connected TV Applications.

Video Portals & Apps

Our video applications are designed to help you easily publish video, and integrate it into your existing systems and workflows. Allow your users to interact with rich-media and video in the same fashion as they are accustomed to with texts, within their familiar interface.